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PIV FAQs - Find answers to frequently asked PIV-related questions.
Smart Card Help Documentation - Help materials covering a range of topics, includinng PIV certificates, email encryption, PIN resets, badge replacement, and more.
NIH Smart Card Validation - Confirm your PIV card is working properly (note:must be behind the firewall to access).
Search Knowledge Base Articles for more help(note: must be behind the firewall to access).
For NIH, HRSA, or NIH External Accounts
Password Self Service (PSS) - This link can be used if you need to register or if you are already registered. For additional assistance, call the NIH IT Service Desk at 301-496-4357(6-HELP) or 866-319-4357(toll-free)
Other Account Types
eRA Commons
- eRA Password Reset [info]
OpenID - Use the password reset options from your OpenID provider (e.g.,Google or Microsoft)
InCommon - Contact the support team for your affiliated organization.
If you are not using a PIV card to sign in with your NIH credentials, you may register for the Authenticator App.
Need to Register? - Please follow these instructions to register for the Authenticator App.
New Phone? - Please follow these instructions to reset your Authenticator App.
No internet on your phone? - Please refer to these instructions to view and/or change your default method to One-time Password (OTP) (OTP does not require internet).
If you are sure you entered the correct credentials but you're still unable to sign in: Check your phone. Did you get a push notification from the Authenticator App? If so, click the notification and select "Approve".